Capital Base is a society that:

1. Finances the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the building up the Kingdom of God. Capital base society is proud to disclose to its clients, partners and beneficiaries that it is a Christian affiliated organisation that strictly follows Bible based Christian principles in full measure

2. Help Orphans, Widows, single parents, less privileged in the society through paying school fees providing food and any other basic needs

3. Seeks to develop the nation of Zimbabwe through strategic partnerships with and authority from government departments, assigned parastatals and key stakeholders investing in major economic sectors of the country like mining, timber, real estate, agriculture,retailing and car sales.

4. Inspires future generations and our families mainily in Zimbabwe and Africa to create pride within themselves as Zimbabweans that they can create wealth and achieve great results with the resourses that God has given them.


To become a viable society that has relevance to all citizens of the country through pursing the eradication of poverty, national economic prosperity, empowering our youth and creating employment one person at a time


To be a lead participant in the changing the Economic fortunes and global image of Zimbabwe through utilising what God given us cooperatively


  • Proffesionalism
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Love


1. Mobilising of resources in the informal sector and injecting them in the formal sector

2. Payment and awarding of schools fees, bursaries and college scholarships to over 1000 students

3. Support and sponsor churches, missionary work and evangelical activities

4. Donate to orphanages and elderly shelters